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Sunday, April 26, 2009


I worked 14 hours yesterday and I worked hard. I lifted a lot of heavy things (WITH MY LEGS NOT BACK!) and just plain WORKED! The wedding was last night and the take down was WORK! But, I loved every minute of it! There were some picky wedding coordinators that really did things a little different than the way we usually do things. But, it is what the Bride wanted. Back to loving the job... it's not that I love being so completely drained that I can hardly move, or so much in ache (not really pain... I used my legs!) that I couldn't lift some things without help, or the annoyance of change of plans and setup after everything is ready to go, but it is that I am grateful for the work, so much so I smiled and happily did my job. I need my job and feel VERY VERY VERY BLESSED to have it. I know so many people don't have jobs, and I know that our children like to eat which requires money... See where I'm going. hank you Lord for providing me this job.

I had a conversation with a woman I work with who is financially in the same boat we are. Completely in need of this job. The interesting point is that all through the night this same person kept complaining about what another worker was doing and what work this person was not doing, how off the wedding was or uncoordinated the coordinator was (remember I said it was unusual), how hard the job was (hellacious I think were the exact works), and well, you get my drift. At the end of the night we did not get a cash tip (still the tiniest of chances of one added to the final bill), and that really set the others off. All I could think of was well we still are getting a paycheck! That paycheck is what I was counting on! Anyways none of the others are Christian and just in this scenario alone you can see the difference Christ makes. It wasn't me who did that work with a grateful attitude and a smile... it was Christ living in me. It is not human nature to endure inconveniences and struggling with a smile and a grateful heart... at least I don't think so. I really do like this job though; there is something intrinsically rewarding about a job well done (I'm talking about being apart of a team who put together a beautiful and tasty reception with no real flaws... not my own performance). Well, Lord now that You know what's on my mind, THANK YOU for having Beverly call me to do this job and that she works around my crazy schedule, It has to be You, because who else would put up with someone only being able to work every now and then.

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