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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Answer to prayers.

Today we finished the last of the tests for Ollie's medical issues. We have found out that there is no serious reason for her stomach issues. It is most likely one or a combination of 3 things. Stress, bacterial imbalance (completely fixable), and a food intolerance (also controllable). The stress thing is VERY likely, due to a type A personality. This is going to take some work and thought on my part. The Lord has calmed my fears (matter of fact He told me all along not to fear). I didn't listen like I should have. My fear of them finding cancer or Crohn's disease or something like that was overwhelming. Thank God for his comfort and the comfort and prayers from my church family, family, and friends. We have learned a lot and I got to visit quite a bit with an old buddy of mine from my teenage years.

She is a "super mom" if ever there was one. I learned so much from her this week and last. I am going to implement some really neat disciplining ideas and read an intriguing parenting book she recommended. I am excited about both. (Well as excited as you can be when you are talking about discipline.) Anyways, this woman has three adorable boys. Her husband is out of town on business much of the time and she manages to grow this huge garden, bush hog her fields (yes bush hog), home school with little support, raise all kinds of critters (horses, chickens, guineas, dogs, a cat, snakes or the catch of the day-- she actually has an aquarium set up for what ever the boys catch that day, bugs of all types...) I had so much fun learning from her. Thank you Lord for giving us fun times during a stressful and not so fun situation.

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