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Friday, October 23, 2009

Ducks and birds and ducks

This morning after doing a little help setting up for our AHG yard sale tomorrow, I came home intending on working to get all my ducks in a row. I of course try this on a daily basis, but it never seems to work. Today when I opened the front door, a bird flew into the house. So instead of coming straight home to worry about "ducks", I spent forever chasing a bird through my house until I finally cornered it in my bathroom and caught it in a bowl. This bird not only cost me time, but it made a mess of my house. It bumped into everything knocking stuff over and off counters... I mean if it isn't my luck to have to clean up after a crazy bird too...

Oh well, it is kind of funny!


  1. LOL! I guess since it did not happen to me I find it SOOOO funny! But also feel bad for you! Hope the rest of the day goes better!

  2. Entertaining to read about, makes a good story, and the bird made it out okay, right? Hope the rest of your day hasn't been so hectic!

  3. Yes as soon as the bird felt the breeze outside it took off.

    I actually got my stove cleaned, floor swept and vacuumed, toy closet organized, kitchen rugs washed, some things that I don't usually get to--and that will inevitably be messed up again before we go to bed.


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