"If you don't see the real me, you won't see what love has won..." Vota

Monday, October 5, 2009

Obvious attacks

It is so obvious... days after I blog about my Provider, Satan strikes and tries to make me feel that everything is up to me and or us. He tempts me with jealousy, greed, fear, and just general unrest.

I'll explain: This weekend at work, I was the cashier-- my requested position with a base pay good enough for me to send my children to my mothers house for the weekend. I signed on for this job and agreed to the pay... actually looking forward to it. Satan saw my peace and security and then he flashed the servers tips in my face (so much money). I was so tempted to feel jealous and annoyed with the fact that I worked just as hard... and that I was the first impression... so many jealous thoughts crossed my mind. God reminded me of the parable in Matthew 20--The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard. He also reminded me that He will fulfill all my needs.

Satan threw at me reasons to fear-- unforeseen vet bills, tax bills, dwindling savings, a threatened economy (when my husbands job is totally reliant on the economy), necessary car repairs... all reasons to fear IF we had to do it ourselves.

A feeling of unrest because, "How am I going to get everything done that I have committed myself to do before we leave Thursday?" Again, emphasizing the I in my scenario.

Tonight, I am reminded that God is with me and fills my "with" need (as Beth Moore so eloquently described in Bible Study). Just as He provided for the Israelites He will provide for me (and He always has in the past). I only need to put my whole life in His hands and He will finish what He has started. He set my feet on the path and He will not lead me into despair. Another point Beth laid out in front of me is that God's glory and goodness are interchangeable and even though His glory may sometimes be painful, it is always good. I will cling to this as He molds me into whatever shape He has in mind, however painful it may be at times. I know the end result will bring Him glory.

So I will NOT fear, be jealous, greedy, or unsettled, instead I give these over to Jesus for He has taken my sin and traded me for His righteousness. I will cloth myself with His peace, gratefulness, humility, and faith. I thank God so much for sending Him to become my sin so I can become His righteousness.


  1. Ephesians 6:10-11 "Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes."

    he wants you to forget that you are armed and armored for battle. it's good to see you leaning back into God's power and provision and refusing to be deceived!

  2. One solution: No pets, no vet bills.

  3. Is that an offer for adoption? Joking-- I wouldn't give up our pets, they are part of the family and a useful teaching tool for my girls. Pets are important in teaching children responsibility, issues of life and death, gentleness, cleanliness, patience, kindness, self-control... They really are worth the extra money-- at least my dogs weigh less than 15 pounds combined-- they don't eat much, and spike died so we flushed him down the comode so... Thanks for the input though, advice is always welcome!


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