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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thanksgiving journey

One of my FB friends issued a challenge to all of her friends... to post/status update something you are thankful for everyday until Thanksgiving. I accepted this challenge and am going to use it in my blog. I am going to use my next 18 blogs to talk about what and why I am Thankful for specific things. I can't wait to come back to these on a future date where I need a reminder of all God has done for me.

Tonight, I posted on FB about The Turkey falling and hitting her teeth on the floor in her Sunday school room. Her teeth are loose and her gums bruised and bloody, but I am grateful that they did not fall out or chip to the nerve. (This feels a little like the "glad game"-- Haley Mills fans will get it.)

However, I am sure I can do better than that for this posting. I guess I will start at the top of my list and as the days progress, I will work my way down. (I would do a Letterman style top 10 [18] style, but I would have to sit and actually make the whole list tonight to go backwards from 18-1. No time for that.) So here goes...

I am most thankful for God's grace-- gift of His son Jesus. This is undoubtedly the most important part of my life. That was an easy answer for what... now for the why.

Well, if you have read my blog posts in the past you will know why. I'll put it in a nut shell for those who have not: I was lost, sinking into a pit of sin, wallowing in depression, abusing my body--God's sanctuary, worried only about myself, putting false god's at the top of my priorities, heading to hell... all this and I was raised in the church. I knew who God was. I knew all about Jesus. BUT it wasn't until Jesus lifted me out of all of this and told me how much He loved me. He showed me how to love Him. He introduced me to His Father, my Father. He never shamed me for my lifestyle; instead He showed me a better way. He never reminds me of my past wrongs, no Satan does that. He has promised to remember my sins no more. He took me in His arms and rejoiced for I was home again. He threw a party for me and is singing over me. He rebukes those who rebuke me. He is my intercessor-- talking to God about me by name. He knows the plans He has for me-- for me to prosper. He disciplines me in love when I am heading down the wrong path-- a path to destruction. His discipline assures me of my heritage; I am His child. He has filled me with Himself so that I may have direct contact to The One True God. He is a friend who picks me up when I fall or am about to fall. He is always with me. He is coming back to get me, riding on a cloud. He commands me not to fear. He promises to keep His covenant even when I mess up my end. He drank the cup that should have been mine, He didn't want to, but He did it in obedience and in love. He is what I want to be-- Life to a dying world. I want my life to be so full of His radiance that everyone will see Jesus and not me. This is what I am most thankful for and why.

I challenge everyone to respond to this post what you are most thankful for. I'd love to share this journey with all of you. I can't wait to have my list to look back on.


  1. i love, "He never shamed me for my lifestyle; instead He showed me a better way." we've talked about this a good bit at ladies' meetings at my church, how when the Holy Spirit convicts, He doesn't do it to humiliate or shame or bring on guilt, He does it to uplift and guide and bring peace and understanding.

    i'm most thankful for such a gracious and gentle savior- it didn't have to be that way. God could still have us all sacrificing sheep and doves and trying to follow explicit law to earn His favor. He's God, and He could demand anything, any exoneration for sin that He sees fit. instead, He sacrificed His own son, convicts us gently and mercifully with His own Holy Spirit, and blesses us far beyond what we deserve (since we deserve death and suffering) even when we are unfaithful.

  2. Would you explain how the Holy Spirit talks to you. Does it tell you what to do or say? I like this blog you wrote today.
    Tammy Faye Gossett

  3. Many ways. He is that still small voice for one. It always is backed up by what the Bible says (so if it is telling you something like "leave your husband and you'll be happy", then you know it is Satan. He also speaks through God's living Word-- the Bible. I may be dealing with an issue and be led to a specific scripture which speaks to me in a way it never has before. There was a time when I was really struggling with people being mean to me, and it just so happens that on every one of those days, my 365 day devotional corresponded with exact instances which I was going through. Only God could have known that on June 25-July 3 (drew these dates out of a hat) of that year I would need to hear from Him on those issues.

    It may be recieving an email with a scripture attached that happens to be just what you need to hear, or a song. He may use teachers or friends to speak to you. For me usually there is a recurrance of the same message through a number of messengers. If you go back and read my very first 2 blogs you'll see one instance of the Holy Spirit talking to me. I am sure there are many more that I have blogged about. If you listen and expect to hear from God, He will speak to you. It may be hard to hear at first, but the more you listen the more you will hear. Remember though that if it is not backed up Biblically, it may be your conscience or Satan in disguise.

    Often if some thought comes to my mind that is contrary to what I want or would typically think, it is often times God telling me to do it. It even becomes a nag sometimes. Like the time He told me to get off Face Book. It became a nag. I did not want to and refused for weeks, but eventually I did and He told me why (pretty personal) but it wasn't until after I obeyed that He told me why. I thought it was because He thought I was spending too much time on there. After I obeyed, He told me-- I heard Him say it (that still small voice). I shared this with a close friend and she said that was what she was concerned about, but didn't feel like she should tell me. Thus a confirmation from someone who was praying for me and keeping me accountable.

    Priscilla Shirer has some really awesome Bible stiudies that help teach you to listen for the Holy Spirit.

    He does often tell me what to do or say. Sometimes, like I said, it is not easy beacause His way is so contrary to my way. When someone is rude to me or treats me in such a way that I have all the reason in the world to be furious and vengeful and hateful... He says turn the other cheek and forgive. I can not aproach
    Him if I hold something against my brother or if my brother holds something against me. (Matthew 5:23-25). It is pretty powerful that He won't even accept our praise until we have done this. Chilling isn't it! We can't even say, "I love you" until we are reconciled to our brother. (OK so now this is something for a blog post!)


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