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Monday, December 28, 2009

Wheels and deals :)

Ok, so where do I begin... I am at mama's house with my sister, brother, neice, and nephew; my aunt and cousin came up today also. We opened gifts and had the best time. I can't believe how in love I am with these babies!! Oh my, that little kitten of mine (my neice) is one precious baby. She smiles every time I look at her and call her "kitten". It is very endearing. I think we have a connection. We are going to be best of friends; I just know it.

My sister, cousin, aunt and I all went shopping this afternoon. We went in search of sale priced pillows at Kohl's department store. We got there and the place was pretty busy. I guess everyone was redeeming their Kohl's cash or something. We went in and looked around the entrance for a cart. There were no carts. Hmmmm... Well you have to have a cart to put your purse on in order to do serious shopping, plus where do you put all of the pillows? We went to the opposite entrance. My auntie went as we waited in search of one. She came out with a huge grin pushing a wheel chair. A little taken aback we looked at her funny. She said this would have to do, there were no carts. At this point we started laughing. It was a riot. Four grown women making nincompoops of themselves right there in public laughing over a wheel chair.

Of course, my logical sister refused the offer and thought first of the handicapped customers. I think I was still laughing too hard at the thought of us pushing our purses around on a wheel chair to say anything. She took the wheel chair back and we went separate ways in search of abandoned carts. I hovered at the desk waiting for a lady with a cart to pay. This took a long time and my cousin and sister came back first with 2, so that was enough.

So as dumb of a story as this may be, we had a good laugh. It is nice to make these kind of memories. We of course were a little later getting back to the house than we had planned because on the way to the pillows we came across some sale racks. How many women can pass up a sale rack when it says 80-90% off? We loaded up the carts and went to try on all of our clothes. My aunt snagged us several dressing rooms and there we went. Of course, most of what I chose to try on didn't fit-- darned chocolate!! Danged rooster... gotta use it somewhere... My treadmill will be dusted off as I enter this new year!!!! I am so losing my mind; I can't focus here-- don't take this and run, anon!! Anywho, back to the story... I did find one sweater I LOVED. It came with this BEEEYOOOTEEFULL scarf. So this was my first present for me with my/our Christmas money. Pronbably the last (the rest will pay for Ollie's violin lessons this semester.) Well on our way to the pillows from there-- my sister had already decided and headed up to pay-- Auntie, Cousin and I stopped in the little girls department and oohed and ahhhed over the very cute dresses. Finally my sister called us and my mama (at home with the kids and men) had told her the kitten was awake and hungry. Only my sister can feed her if you know what I mean. Nursing babies are pretty dependent on mommies. So we once again headed for the pillows. This was easy; there were the $4.99 each pillows. No decisions to make, so I grabbed four and we went to pay. End of story. We were a little long in getting home, but hubby was ok with it. He has nice new pillows to sleep on tonight in our bed all by himself. I miss him already. Till Friday Love, I'll see you before the year is over.

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