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Monday, January 4, 2010

Resolutions/goals-- need for family and friends support.

I said I was going to blog about New Year's resolutions. I really am not one who has ever really kept a resolutions all year. I start off really good and then am back to my old self. I think that a resolution is maybe not what I need. I need life changes that happen whenever the problem in myself arises (not just in the new year) and that are for me by me-- not because the media is pushing us to resolve to be thinner, healthier, quit smoking, quit whatever their story is for the day.

The New Year is tempting to be the beginning of the change because it seems as if we get a fresh start. Who doesn't like a "fresh start"? I do have plans for myself, but they are things that are always on my heart. Plans to live my life so as to glorify Jesus, watch my tongue (so not to shame the name of Christ), eat healthy, exercise, and read my Bible. These things are things I always want to do better, not just in the new year.

I do have some goals that I have set for myself. Some short term goals and long term goals. I'm not sure if I should post them, but I imagine that my anonymous critics and our family reading this will keep me accountable in reaching my goals. I do have some honest and blunt family members who [whom-whoever-whomever :)] I know I can count on to hold me accountable. I think that their help would be even more effective than anon's because I know they actually know me and are certainly not afraid to speak up and ask me how I am doing. My friends who read this will be supportive of me, but maybe not so blunt when I miss my mark. They will be the kind voice I suppose in urging me forward.

So after weighing the pros and cons I have decided to post my goals. Now keep in mind that my goals will never outweigh the goals my Lord has for me. I will not put my plans ahead of His. All of my plans are meant to honor Him with my life, but if His plans are different...

If it is the Lord's will these are my goals.

1- I plan to listen to/read the Bible through cover to cover before summer.
2- I plan to walk at least 7 miles each week (on my tread mill).
3- I plan get back to my South Beach diet and lose the weight I have put on (15 lbs).
4- I would love to be back in my old jeans by next summer.

So anyway, these are my goals. I do hope I can count on family and friends to help me. Your prayers for my success would also be coveted. I know the Lord only wants what is best for me and what would glorify Him. I hope my goals will bring Him the glory He deserves.


  1. I have a couple similar ones. I'm trying to listen through the Bible straight through (got an excellent audio version) at a pace of three or more chapters a day, Also, I lost 12 pounds in 2009 but gained four back, so I wanna shed about nine from where I am now. Good luck!

  2. Good luck with the diet and the walking. Have you started the girls exercising yet, other than play?
    Tammye Faye

  3. You mean like treadmills and workout videos? My girls get tons of natural exercise just by being pysically active-- running through the yard, playing ball, riding bikes, using the hula hoop, climbing in playlands and jump houses, digging in the dirt, jumping rope (well trying)-- playing I guess you would say. So I guess "no" is my answer. I figure when you have an active lifestyle you don't necessarily need to teach them to use exercise equipment. Kind of like when our forefathers would work all day in the fields-- there was no need for jogging and treadmills and gyms.


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