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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Taking it easy

OK, so I laid a doozy out there last night, I am not going to follow up tonight. I instead am going to tell you my plans for our kitchen floors. Not really a big deal, unless you are a bored stay at home mom who spends a lot of time in the kitchen...

You see, our back door has leaked since the first week we moved into the house. During the first year with the waranty we had the builder come back to fix it. Well it didn't rain big again until the waranty was up. Since then it has leaked on and off and Ernie has done everything he could think of to fix it. We finally decided on inastalling a storm door. This solved the problem, only the floor around the back door has rotted out and will give way soon if it is not torn up and replaced.

I did our taxes today and we are going to be able to afford to fix it. I have decided on putting in ceramic tile. Our kitchen is painted a chocolate milk color. I have chosen ceramic tile in a bisque color and a tile close to the shade of the walls as a border/ center design. Let me try to explain. Around our kitchen cabinets, we will come out about 18 inches and make a rectangle of 6x12 inch chocolate milk colored tile. While the bisque tiles will be 12x12 in. We will also come out from the wall in the eat-in section of the kitchen to make another rectangle. My hopes are to try to visually separate the two sections as if they were two rooms. Now here is the part I am excited about. At the corners of the chocolate milk colored rectangles, I am going to put 6x6 in stainless steel tiles which match my beautiful stainless steel back splash my dad made. I am so excited.

I am told that I will hate tile as opposed to lanolium. I wonder what you my readers think. Mom-- you don't count because I know what you think. Readers you can just click on the like or disagree button under my post. Thanks for your input. You are also welcome to comment about why or why not you do or do not like tile.


  1. like tile for durability and beauty. hate tile for grout cleaning. also hate tile because anything you drop on it that's remotely breakable....will shatter. seriously, my mom went to plastic ziploc plates after the first year of tile. the stuff is deadly to anything glass/ceramic.

  2. That sounds very pretty. I love the colors. I have had tile before and because I go bare foot ALL the time it was so hard on my feet and hard to keep clean in the grout lines. I don't think that there is a Perfect floor though.

  3. Ernie joked about putting the heater under the floors! Wouldn't that be a luxury. I will have to go to plastic plates or Tupperware plates-- I'll call Linda:)-- for the girls to eat on won't I. OK so it is time for another Tupperware party anyway.


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