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Thursday, April 15, 2010

9 times the Bible says, "Love your neighbor as yourself"

This is the day that the Lord has made. He makes even the bad days, but today I know is going to be a good day! Even if it turns for the worst it is the day He has made for us. We are embarking on a very insane weekend I know it, but it is exciting at the same time it causes some great anxiety. We are going to be moving out everything in the kitchen tonight (into the living room) and ripping up the old, half rotten floor to put down new flooring and lay tile. This ought to be interesting to say the least. My dad will be coming up to help Ernie, and I suppose I have experience in laying tile, but not a lot, so I will help as best I can. My best help may be running errands and keeping the girls out of the house.

I have decided we will live on sandwiches, fast food and pizza this weekend. I don't have the energy to try to figure out how to cook in my living room and eat... where????

On a completely different topic, I LOVE my neighbors! You know we have the most special people living all around us. I love that we all help each other out when someone needs help. It is such a blessing from God. (If only they all didn't think they needed to pay us when we do our part in helping...) I love noticing that the neighbors yard needs to be mowed and they are out of town, so I mow it. While I am mowing it another neighbor rides over and helps out. What an awesome feeling! Last week when Ernie was sick (the morning before Olivia and I got sick) our neighbors noticed our yard had yet to be mowed for the year. It looked like a jungle, but the mower was still out of order. So three of our neighbors mowed our yard at the same time.

That same night at 2 am, when we were all sick (except Sarah), Ernie had to make a run to the 24 hour pharmacy; I could not get out of bed, so my neighbor came over to sit with and clean Olivia up. There is nothing like having "family" all around.

It feels the same way in our church. When we do not physically live near family, our church family steps in and assumes the role. God is truly faithful to see us through whatever fire we may go through, and all joy is from Him.

Romans 15:2 Each of us should please his neighbor for his good, to build him up.

It is not hard to love my neighbors as myself. I hope all of you have great neighbors that are easy to love, but if you do not, I dare say if you show them love and kindness, they will become easier to love. It really is not that hard, just see them as Jesus does.

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