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Friday, April 30, 2010

Camping greenthumb, I mean greenneck, no green???

Ernie and I have talked about going camping for almost 10 years, and have yet to actually go. When we first started talking about it, we bought all the gear we thought we would need (this was when money was not really an issue) and set up the tent to check out our new purchase. It was fun to think about going camping. Then... I ran over our tent with the lawn mower. Hmmm... So we bought a new tent. Somehow in all of its so many uses (NOT) it has a hole in it. Ernie swears I hit it with the lawn mower too, but I am doubtful that I did that twice... Who me?

This weekend we have had the invite and chance to go camping twice. Well I say we, but the one was Olivia's AHG campout for just her and me, that we were unable to commit to because I have to bake for the cafe this weekend. Tonight is Olivia's friend’s 6th birthday party and he is having a campout in their woods next to the creek. This one we can go to for I am not baking tonight, but tomorrow night instead.

Ernie is planning on camping for sure, but he has to be at work at 7am, so I either have to camp too or come home or then get up really early to be at their house before Ernie leaves. Ugh, a HARD decision.

My back is already hurting and now the prospects of sleeping on a cot in a tent make me cringe. The thought of getting up at 5 am makes me cringe too! I have made the decision to camp with them, but I am wondering how many people will laugh at what I HAVE to have to sleep. I cannot sleep without my body pillow and two regular pillows. I am also thinking about how hard it will be to sleep without my down comforter. Um... yeah... Would everyone laugh if I brought my feather mattress to put on my cot? Ugh, maybe this woman is not cut out to be a camper. It is fun to talk about going, but when the actual opportunity presents itself, all of my high maintenance tendencies kick into over drive.

I have to focus on the fact that the girls are going to have so much fun and Ernie too. AND that my friends will be there and we will have a nice time visiting. I imagine too that very little sleeping will take place. Soooo, pray for me in my adventure. That I will wake up able to move and that this will be really fun and that I will actively (not just passively talking about it) want to go camping again.

I am thinking about the bathroom issues... do I have to brush my teeth in the creek? How does that work anyhow when you go camping? Where do you do the bathroom things like pee and shower???? Yeah, I am a greenhorn. Is that the word meaning newbie? I can feel my skin turning toad like at just the anticipation. Why does doing new things make me such a nervous wreck?

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