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Friday, April 23, 2010

A gift for my OCD friends...

OK, so my dad, the metal man, showed me a trick to polish my stainless steel things. I do love stainless, but it seems to scratch pretty easily. I can't believe I grew up in the house with a metal man for a dad and I did not know this trick. When your stainless sink, cookware, tiles... whatever get scratched and look less than new, just take a scotch brite pad and rub the scratches out. Make sure you do not make circle motions or go in different directions it will show FOREVER! Rub in one direction until the scratches are polished out.

Now I can't stop shining my sink. I wonder if you can rub too much and ware right through the metal????

Before-- see all the little scrathches?
After-- no more scrathches!

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