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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

mowing-- heehee

Ernie came home today and asked me if I was the one who mowed the neighbors yard and if I had left a 2 foot strip in the middle of their side yard on purpose ("oops, no!"). He also asked me why I did do-nuts all through the front yard. Hmmm, well how do I explain to a practical mower that do-nuts make the job a little more fun. Of course, I didn't realize that you could tell afterwards that do-nuts were done... Oh yeah and he told me that I should actually leave the level at the same height the whole time not change the level of the mowing deck every few rounds. How boring practical is. It is much more fun and interesting to vary things up a little. Plus mowing the whole yard front and back at the same time instead of doing it in patches makes the job more fun too. This is why I missed the strip on the side yard. I forgot to go back there and then thought I was done. He told me that you are supposed to do smaller patches and make parallel strips and face the expelled grass all outward in your mowing path... (this is why my mower kept quitting and getting bogged down-- and why I vary the level of the mowing deck...). Well it worked...

I suppose my mowing habits are a cause for great humor among the mowing experts (my neighbors and husband). I don't care-- I LOVE IT!

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