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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A recital.

Today Olivia had her first group recital. She played 7 songs, I believe it was, with the rest of Laura's students. She has now officially been playing for a full year. I cannot believe it has gone by so quickly. Her Nanny said she was going to buy her the next size up violin because it is time and they are a little too costly at the moment for us. She will be moving into a size 1/8 I think. It may be a 1/10 I can't remember. I am pretty sure her current violin is a 1/10. This means 1/10 of a full size violin. It is tiny. They make one size smaller than hers whichever hers is. Heavens, I can't believe I do not remember.

So, I am going to try to upload a video of her playing the her song, "Andantino" (from the Suzuki book 1). She is very proud that she has only a few more songs and will be moving to book 2. She is currently learning Minuet 1, by Motzart, I think. Who knows without looking it up? I am loading the video into Youtube as I type and who knew a 60 second or so video would take 19 minutes to upload. Oh well, 12 minutes to go.

Oh yeah, she also got a special award for practicing 7 times a week for 17 weeks. She was one of only 4 students to hit this goal. I am so proud of her. I do push her a smidge in her practice time, but she doesn't complain. She is suppose to practice 7 minutes a day for her age according to Dr. Suzuki, but I set the timer for 20 minutes at least. Now she plays directly along with the Suzuki CD for all of her songs and no longer needs a timer. It takes her that long to play all of her songs (by memory) and then works a little extra on whichever new song she is memorizing. I hear her in there practicing right now with no urging.

I still have not figured out what prompted her to want to learn the violin so badly at age three, but I am glad that by four I finally gave in and bought her the violin and lessons for Christmas. It really has been a blessing and is great for her.

86% complete on the down load...

I have been hoping that Sarah would ask fervently for some sort of lesson or training like violin or ballet or art or gymnastics... or even soccer or basketball... ok, so probably not basketball she is way too short... I would like her to set her mind to learning something. I am hoping she will decide by 4, but if not I will not push her. I try hard not to compare the girls because they are so different in everyway it would be unfair to compare. OK here it is... I hope. Just click the linkbelow.

Olivia's recital.

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