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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Firm foundations

I am a little unsure now of what exactly I am going to write this morning, but I know what I am thinking about and what issues I want to write about. I keep seeing posts on FB and blogs and the internet and chatter about things that they either find appalling or fascinating about the world and/or society around us or even God's creation and proof that He exists. It is like some big story finds its way to our ears/eyes and we jump on a band wagon and believe it and then pass it on as... dare I say it... a rumor and at best a half truth.

For example from a society bandwagon, I have seen many people lately appalled (myself included) with the students from Montebello High School in California who, as it appears in the plugs they keep getting on the net, took the American flag off the pole, raised the Mexican flag then hung the American flag upside down in protest to the new citizenship laws and... You know what I'm talking about I'm sure. The little snippets I keep reading in the online headlines do not say that the school was involved, but they do not say that the school was not involved at all and quite the opposite. The truth of the matter is the school officials immediately went and corrected the flag and ran the protestors off, and it was not related to the school or its students at all.

Not only are these type of rumors spread dangerous, maybe inciting anger to certain people undeservingly instead of the true culprits, rumors of things inciting belief in the Bible are just as dangerous. What I mean here is when someone points out some natural phenomena or some ridiculous but awesome sounding story to cause people to believe in God and the Bible and pass it around and we Christians do not check out the references before passing it along... This is dangerous because if someone bases their faith on such stories and/or phenomena it will crumble as soon as the walls of that rumor fall down.

One example is this is the Quran 9:11 Hoax Email that was widespread and I bet many of you all either recieved it in your inbox or heard talk of it. Many, many Christians believed this and passed it on and on and on... I even just recently (not even a full year ago) found a stack of these printed off and placed in a classroom at my church. Of course I took one and wrote that it was a hoax and sited the Truth on it, but I am very shocked that we just buy into the hype we read without checking out the Truth or truth whichever the case may be.

This is just like the so called Biblical references to why God does not perform miracles today listed in Olivia's Discovery magazine (which I blogged about). At face value, it looks as if the writer has some sort of proof for he/she lists the verse references from the Bible, but at in depth inquiry checking out the Truth, I found it was not really True (of course I never doubted God).

Another thing (the actual inspiration for my post today) is the whole new bandwagon of God's fingerprints in us actually seen in our laminin (Google it). I heard a really cool thing the other day about how some molecular biologist had studied the cells of humans and found the cross shaped laminin (the protein that binds our cells together) and how this proves we have a Divine Creator or Designer. I truly believe that for it says so in Genesis, but to have proof that was worth blogging about. Yeah I joined the bandwagon and intended to write about it, but first I needed to check it out. Come to find out, it is half true. The protein is the glue and it is sometimes shaped like a cross. The only thing is that it is not always shaped like that and other proteins are shaped like other symbols from other religions. This iconography (and selling it as a Christian symbol) of a human protein is dangerous for if someone bases their faith on the fact that this glue is shaped like the cross and then they see another phenomena that proves Mohammed or some Celtic paganism to be true... then this weakens the faith of those who base theirs on this laminin phenomena. I think this really is also addresses in my past blog post about Apologetics and its dangers.

My point here is that we need to really study (not only the Bible)sources before we jump into developing our knowledge base or our views of what is Truth. I will tell you honestly the only source for what is True is the Bible. You can rest completely assured that the Bible will stand the test of all time and research. What is in the realm of our human knowledge base and understanding will always be as weak as water and no matter how true, or cool, are provable, or novel the idea may seem it will not stand the test of time. The Bible says not only is there nothing new under the sun, but that all knowledge will pass away, but faith hope and love will not. So be sure to base your faith on what will remain and not what is fleeting. Base you faith on scripture which tells God is love and which brings hope which is eternal. Then your faith will remain. If you base your faith on what is temporary your foundation is weak and then when a storm comes your house will fall.

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