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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Body parts, which is you favorite and which one are you?

Have you ever thought about what part of Christ's body you are. I was thinking yesterday when I made the reference to me being the pinky toe, that it really does sum up who I am in Christ. I am small (well not in size I assure you) but in knowledge and ability, seemingly insignificant, but there is a purpose for me. The whole idea of balance I can equate with maybe my being a total peacemaker. I hate discord among believers and family and well anyone really. I tend to stand up for the underdog and advocate for communication. I also am also low maintenance (this is the toe that when you paint it is usually mostly unseen because it is sideways, so it needs little fine attention) and I am very comfortable with being a support person usually unseen. I also am comfortable with people walking on me. I think this toe thing is a great summary of me and who I am in the Church. I do not take my position begrudgingly and long to be a more visible and beautiful part (come on, how many beautiful pinky toes have you ever seen).

I laughed last night when I was thinking about this because we have soooo many body parts, but when or if we actually try to decide which part we are always tend to think of the hands, or the mouth, or the eyes, or the feet maybe, but how many times has anyone claimed to be the stomach or the shoulders or the hips or the uhhgghhuumm... you know the less mentionable places. I know people who could be that part, they are the ones who are (in Christ's footsteps mind you) are total pleasures to be around. You know the ones who seem to brighten your day with only their smile and presence-- not necessarily because they offer anything other than the sheer, contagious joy of being a Christian and being in love with our Lord. Know anyone like this, what body part would bring that much pleasure and whose joy is so strong and wonderful that they easily bring people to Christ? (Sharing joy and reproducing) OK so um, I think announcing I'm the pinky toe sounds a little less weird than saying I'm the... of Christ's body. I can't even bring myself to say it and am quite red thinking about it. BUT God did create the nether region for a reason and it is part of the body. :)

Then you have the shoulders. I think an elder must be a shoulder because they are the base on which the servants (hands) hang. They give the Church/body support and are pivotal in the posture of the body. Don't forget the heart, the lungs, the legs, the knees, the finger nails (you know they are small, but they can make or break the vibe people feel when they are served by the hands). So anyway, I hope you think about what part of the body you are and do your job well. The rest of us in the body need you to accept your position and do your job well. I know that without the feet, legs, hips, and knees, I would not be able to be the pinky toe.

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