"If you don't see the real me, you won't see what love has won..." Vota

Monday, June 7, 2010

I praise You my Sweet Delight

I praise God with all that I am,
with every breath that I breathe,
with every step that I move,
with every longing in my heart,
I praise His Holy, Powerful, Beautiful Name.

I will never abandon, rationalize or make simple of all He has done for me--
the answered prayers;
the seemingly unanswered prayers;
the miracles in my life;
the healings and resurrection of my soul from the pit;
the providence.

You are the forever God,
not male nor female with all of our human flaws.
You created us from nothing;
without you we are still nothing.
You have made us a people to crave Your Spirit,
we long for You to dwell in us;
fill us with Your righteousness.

You are the glory and splendor in all I see.
You are the sweetest fragrant flower;
the most precious singing child;
the wild abandon of my soul.
Only You.
You are the essence in my life;
all the things I crave;
all the things I delight myself in.

You love me for all that I am and shall be.
For You know me,
knew me,
and will always know me.

You are merciful;
You do not hold me to my faults,
but instead You change me
and turn my faults into something to glorify You.
Only You can do this.

You are God and I am Yours--
Your prized possession;
Your masterpiece;
Your desire.

As I sit at Your feet,
with every thing that is in me,
I praise You!
I praise Your Holy, Powerful and Beautiful Name!

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