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Monday, June 14, 2010

One goofy girl and one very practical girl

My girls love more than any other activity, to play dress up and pretend to be princesses, clowns, firemen... whatever their hearts desire. They have amassed quite a collection of dress up clothes and are always on the hunt for new possibilities.

Their second favorite game is playing baby dolls and being "mommies". Well Olivia is always a mommy, but only sometimes does Sarah play that role. Sometimes she wants to be the doctor, the dad, the sister, the dog... You just have to know Sarah to know she has a very vivid imagination and refuses to settle. She makes friends with animals and insects and plays her own games with them. I half expect her to one of these days have a real flea circus like the ones from the cartoons from when I was a kid.

The other day at the VBS closing program, she looked at me and said, " Mommy, I know what I want to be when I grow up."

"You do?"

"Yes, I want to be a giraffe."

Interrupting Olivia's instant interjection I said, "You do, well that would be an interesting thing to be." The whole time Olivia is about to jump out of her skin knowing this is not an ok thing to decide to be.

She looked at me and said, "I want to be a mommy when I grow up."

"That is a very good thing for you to become."

I just wanted to share this, I am pretty sure there is no lesson hidden in this story, but it has made me smile again just thinking about my goofy girl and my very practical girl.

I remember when I was a kid wanting to be so many things. As a young child I wanted to be a mommy and a teacher, but as I grew older I wanted to be different so I chose things like an anesthesiologist, a writer or a news anchor. I actually went to college with the aspirations of becoming the next Katie Curric (gross), but in my Mass Comm. class there were over 200 people wanting the same thing so I dropped that course and picked up Japanese instead with the intentions of becoming an international business major. I actually ended my college career with enough hours to surpass most Master's students in college credits. I came so close to having three or four different degrees and then I would change my mind. The funny thing is, after two colleges, 6 official major changes and 8 years and well over 200 hours I graduated with a teaching degree.

I think Sarah is starting off on the same foot I must have. Olivia on the other hand reminds me so much of my sister. Brilliant for one and for two she is sure she wants to be a mommy. I remember growing up how Rachel always wanted to be a mommy and there was no changing her mind. I introduced her to the life of having money (while I was in high school I was "loaded" and could dote on my brother and sister and spend tons of money much to my father's disapproval), but she insisted on wanting to be a mommy.

I would only hope that she would aspire to my sister's footsteps and keep her heart for Christ. Sarah on the other hand I will have to keep my finger on and watch her so carefully. My daredevil-princess is too cute for her own good. She at 3 1/2 has already learned to play the part of the helpless beauty and get others to help her, dote on her, and think about how darling she is. She goes places (stores, garage sales, people's homes) and she smiles pretty and says she likes something and usually comes home with some freebee. ESP. at garage sales, she always gets what she wants without spending her money. Olivia will haggle with the seller, but Sarah just smiles and asks for it.

I can only pray for my girls that God's plan will be so clear for their lives that they will easily be able to follow it. I pray Sarah will not be a rebel and buck His plan for her as I did in my youth and that Olivia will keep her heart after His and remain purely devoted to Him. Lord, this is my prayer that I will watch my children grow up to love You and fulfill Your purpose for them and that they will bring You glory in all they do.

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