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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Speed junkie soccer mom meets midlife crisis!

I have to admit something to you all-- I am a speed junkie. I love the feeling of the wind on my face and the taste of the air at, IDK, 45 miles per hour or however fast a ski boat flies on the river... I think I could have been a racing fan, but the only problem with this is that a fan does not taste the wind. Instead he sits and watches for hours a speed junkie get his thrills and has to dodge beer drunken fans as well as try to pretend that they are not inhumane at hoping for a crash (very reminicent of the bloodlust in Roman gladiator games and the Roman circus). Yeah such a redneck sport. (Sorry, I know many of you are fans, but it is all good to cherish peoples differences!)

On Memorial Day we spent most of the day on my brother's boat and as always I loved every second of it. By the way, having a sibbling who owns a boat is the best way to enjoy one because well for one you don't have to pay for it, or the gas, or the wintering... You also do not have to maintain it and clean it and learn all of the rules of the river. All you have to do is have fun and ride (or be slung behind it on a raft).

I can imagine myself doing everything at such a pace and feeling the wind-- you know the Tim the tool man Taylor's way of mowing with a revved up  V-8 engine added to his mower.. Ahhh, move over neigbors, I'll do the mowing. I asked Ernie if he could do that to ours, but he thinks I might hit a tree or something.

It is too bad, because it sure would add to the pleasure of mowing therapy. Just think of all else you could do in hyper drive: vacuuming (only you would have to add a seat and steering wheel), mopping (once again you would need a steering wheel and a seat)...hmmmm, maybe I am a biker chic and I just haven't found myself yet???

I totally need a convertible minivan!

 Soccer mom meets mid life crisis?

That could be my bumper sticker. Not that I am at midlife yet. I am still young-- compared to Ernie! :)

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