"If you don't see the real me, you won't see what love has won..." Vota

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What it is like under His wings.

Oh Lord, in Your hands I place my revived soul.

I trust You to keep it restored,
Hold it in Your hands;
Protect it from the enemy.

My hope is in You;
Hope which tells me that You are the Truth,
The Way,
The Life
And one day I will rest in Your shadow.
Without You all is put to shame.

Lord, fill me with Your wisdom;
Lead me in Your righteousness and
Lower me to my knees in exaltation.

You are my daily bread,
My Savior and strength;
My Source of renewal.

You have wiped my past failures clean,
Covered my present failures in Your blood,
And prepared exit doors for my future failures
Because You love me.

You are my instructor;
Your goodness abounds to me
And I am desperate for it.

Face to the floor I come to you
And place all control in Your hands.
Your ways are seasoned with love and faithfulness,
My ways are bitter poison.
Your plan is my desire.
Your story is the one I want others to read.

I recognize Your voice.
I hear You speak to me,
So instruct me in Your knowledge.

When I am anxious,
Sinking into the mire of sin
You will be there to protect me,
Hold me
And lift me up
And keep me under Your wings.

All I have You give me, so
Give me integrity,
Give me Your wisdom,
Give me my daily bread,
Give me life in You.

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