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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Me verses nature!

Today is the day... that this home loving, clean living, can't stand to get my fingers dirty, hates to be swarmed by bugs woman goes on a real, two night and three day camping trip. We will be heading about this afternoon to a state park near us and setting up home on a tent site. The girls are excited, but it is funny how much they are like me-- especially Olivia. She got really excited when I told her, and then said, "But mommy, you will have to bring me something to sleep on, I can't sleep when I am uncomfortable." We spent the night in a tent a short while back for her friend’s birthday party (I did great!) and she could not sleep at all. Thanks to my WONDERFUL neighbor, we have an air mattress this time for the girls to share.

I have packed all the necessities, I think-- I did look up on the internet what to pack. It is not like going to a condo at the beach you know. All we need is another Coleman propane bottle, citronella oil, and Ernie's fishing license. I already miss my air conditioner and my clean shower. I am very excited about using the bath house let me just tell you. I about gag just using the bathroom in one of these on days we just visit the park. I remember all too well how nasty these bathhouses can get-- We did used to work at a campground.

You would think that would make me a master camper... All I learned about camping from there is how to wake the manager with complaints, how the manager gets no reprieve at all, how having a pool is more work than it is worth, and a hot tub is only worth the area it takes up for a flowerbed. I also... I have to stop playing this pessimism game huh?

It was my idea for us to go camping. Can you tell I am riding the fence? I am seriously nervous. It is not like I haven't done this before. I did, and I had a blast, was not carried off by bugs, bitten by a snake or washed away by rain. Granted it was at my friend’s house which was clean, pristine and bug free! We were in the tent on the creek bank, in cots... It was fun.

This trip will be filled with memories. That is the whole reason, so I guess even if we get rained on and the girl’s bed floats around in the tent, we will have something to remember when the girls are too cool to get excited about doing family things.

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