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Monday, July 5, 2010

Yikes, shut me up!

I had a mini-lesson on July 3rd and yet a VERY powerful one in what it means to be a friend-- a real friend. I recieved a note from a dear, dear friend-- A note that in less than 20 words brought me to tears and gave me the best feeling of being truly loved by my friend. The note, which I am going to quote word for word, said, "You should not de-value yourself. Your friends, if they are true, should honor your talent more than anyone else." This along with the full price paid for a cake for which I would have never considered charging her full price. Now, I hope more than anything she and her family enjoy the cake. I put some extra love into it and had intended to do so even before she gave me that sweet note. I knew just seeing the desire in her little girls eyes for a castle on her ponies cake that she really needed one! :)

I got an email today, from another lady I know, with an attachment-- one of those forward me on type emails. It was a slide show with questions talking about all the different ways you know that God is with you. One of the questions was, "Have you ever had the desire to do something extra special for a friend? That's God speaking to you." I wish there was someway I could link the little slide show I am referring to to my blog... hang on I'll check out Youtube and see if it is there... Ummm, nope can't find it, but if you want to see it I'd be glad to email it to you so just leave me your email address. Anyway, it was amazing in showning me the fact that God IS with me all the time. 

Another one of the questions is, "Have you ever felt the saddness or the lonliness of a person who approaches and stands beside you? That's God who has chosen you." Is that why I met Miss Jean the other day? 

In my best "the light bulb has come on" voice... Ah-ha! Click this link. I copied this presentation and embedded it in google docs then published it and here is the link for anyone who wants to see it!!! http://docs.google.com/present/view?id=dfk3tsqw_0cvtkzngf
I am feeling very smart about now.

So what I learned in my lesson on friendship is how to be a real friend. I will not expect a friend to give me the friend discount! Not if I truly value my friend! I'll love them like god loves me as His friend.

So, how is the three thronged blog going here, I have talked about my friend, I have interrupted myself to talk about an email attachment and again have interrupted myself in wondering how to share it with you. Gee whiz-- it must be the chocolate which has seeped into my body through Osmosis in making the cake today... Yikes. And as I wrote this I searched Youtube, did a random Google search and finally though to publish it in Google... Now anyone who Googles this will find it! Shut me up!

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