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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Providing help and hope with common sense financial solutions"

We have hired a financial coach. God placed this man in our lives at just the right moment. I met his wife through a mutual friend and since last winter we have become fast and dear friends. She is one of my "soul sista's" as we have dubbed ourselves. She and her husband have an amazing financial story and have just recently started their own business of coaching others through the process of becoming debt free.

Now our debt does not amount to a lot as far as many people see credit card debt, but it feels tremendous. I blogged not long ago about tithing and our commitment to give 10% from the top of our check no matter what with total trust in God and then what... about a week later I was offered a job. Now we no longer have to use the credit card to pay for necessities like gas and food, we have the added income to cover it, but now comes the tricky part. How to actually pay off the debt, put something into a savings account and ultimately pay off all of our debt including the house.

This is where having the smarts of someone who knows this stuff and has the business of helping people pay off debt comes as a gift from God right along with the job. I have never known a personal financial coach before, and for God to place these friends in our life, and for them to take on this business... well you see it is just one more step of God's provision and providence. He does not want us to be in debt. He is honoring us and is keeping His promise for we have finally taken the step towards Him He has been calling us to take.

Now we also have the added gift of close friends. The type of friends where you frequently swap out child care and would never question them in taking on your parenting role for a few days so you can go away for a much needed trip with your husband... and vice verse. They type of friends who you can hang out with on Friday night and laugh yourself senseless over a game of Skipbo or Uno (the kind that shoots the cards at you). Thank God for friends! I love you soul sista's!
There is a much needed balance occurring in my life: friends, family, work, school, self... You know, I have always had the mom guilt, where I take me and my friends out of the picture so that the wife and the mom can be teetotal. But you know I think this is an unhealthy balance. I am so much more than mom and wife. I am me, and I have the capacity to be a great friend and employee. I think these things are important for a healthy head-- you know so that I do not get so burnt out. A burnt out mom and wife never is a fun household item-- kind of like a burnt out bulb-- disposable?

Well probably not disposable per say, but you know what I mean. So anyhow, we have some serious plans to be debt free soon. We no longer use the credit cards as the fail safe-- Now our fail safe is God. He has proven Himself faithful time and again and now as we approach the bottom of the barrel financially (which is better than under the barrel when you think about debt as being under the barrel), I can look up and see the skylight. FYI, from under the barrel all you see is the bottom of the barrel. It is never fun to look up and see the bottom of the barrel-- trust me and anyone else living pay check to paycheck with debt up to their ears.

If you are interested check out his website. Pechmann coaching. They are in the process of writing their book. They have an amazing story I hope you all will check them out. If you desire to be debt free-- call him!!!!

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