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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Wow! She/He gets it."

Have you ever read a book by a Christian author writing about Christian characters who are living for Christ and have a relationship with Christ and thought, "Wow, she/he (the author) gets it." What I mean is, you realize this type of relationship with Christ is not unique to you and Christ. You are not the only one who feels the way you do and shares intimacy with Him. Stay with me here because I am having a hard time putting into words what I mean. I'll give you an example:

Karen Kingsbury, the author of many novels, has a way of portraying characters who really have a deep relationship with the Holy Spirit. Her books are not only entertaining, but encouraging as well as a very good lesson on what a relationship with Christ looks like. I have studied Bible studies about building this relationship, hearing God's voice... but none of this compares to an example (fictional as it may be) of what a person looks like or should look like if they truly are involved with Christ. Read the Bible and study Paul. He is a real person who is a great example. The only difference is that the contemporary characters deal with issues and life stories more like what we deal with without having to apply an old situation to a new... not many of us are facing torture or shipwrecks... the authors have done the work and applied the Biblical principals to their characters lives.

Another example I can give you is the passion you hear from Christian artists. When they sing about Christ and their experiences in Him, it moves you. If you actually listen to the lyrics and not just bop along they are really foundational to what a Christian should look like.

You know-- in all of us, our passions should reflect Him.

Here is my point. I want my life's passions to reflect Christ not just be a dull lump of clay in motion. You know the moon is just a huge rock, but when it reflects the light of the sun it is marvelous. I want to reflect the light of the Son. I could go on with my life so worried about what I can do today to enjoy life, build my nest, what ballgame needs my attention, what activity I can do to occupy myself... or I can take what God has given me and shine it all around. I can allow Christ to use me to make disciples for Him by the decisions I make, the way I act or react, where I store my treasures...

I wish I could sing or write or do something that would reach as many people as Karen Kingsbury or Toby Mac or Beth Moore... but here in my little life, I will not. I do know that the way I present myself to everyone I come into contact with leaves an impression-- either of Christ or not. I may not be reaching millions at once, but I do come into contact with people all the time. I want other Christians with whom I come into contact to think, "Wow, she gets it." I want others who are not Christians to think, "Wow, how can I get it?" I would love to hear Jesus say to me one day, "Wow, I'm proud, you got it!"

So, think about it next time you do anything, make any decision, make your goals for the future, plan you next move, interact with the annoying person in line in front of you, are honked at, cut off by a rude driver or when you see the grumpy person at the restaurant... Just stop and think, "Do I get it? How can I show them I get it and make them want it too?"

This is related but a little of topic--

The other day I found myself in tears as I heard a familiar story of Jim Elliot and his mission that ended in his death about 50 years ago. The mission was to the most violent and leader tribe in Ecuador and they ended up killing him. (Watch the movie, "End of the Spear".) Now this exact tribe is the Christian leader of the Ecuador. Some of the men who killed Jim and the others are now elders in the church and are actively living for Christ. They hold conferences where people walk for hours from other tribes to come and hear the good news.

I want to be this effective. I was in tears because I have never once done anything so bold. What have I done to go to people who hate me, fear me, annoy me... to show them the love of Christ. I realize this does not have to be done outside of our country. It can happen here in Johnson City. I pray for the courage to do this, to be Jesus to the World and willing to forgo my life and give it to Him to use.

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