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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dear God, please do not let her annouce that at church.

I have a funny and probably completely inappropriate story to share about my dogs. First off, if you think you might get offended STOP reading now because I do not want to offend anyone. So don't comment your offenses because you have been fairly warned.

Here is the thing that cracks Ernie and I up, but at the same time puzzles us in how to prevent the retelling of this scenario to people at church without affecting the innocence behind the story. I am going to tell you that as I am laughing at this story I am also beet red in the thought of telling it, but I have to. :D

I have 2 dogs, Elvis who is a neutered, 8 year old boy Chihuahua and Kiki who is a 2 year old girl Chihuahua not spayed yet. Now, every 6 months since we have had her she has been in heat and this makes the whole house on edge. I did not know dogs could get hormonal!

Now that Kiki is over the grumpy phase, she is now running around backwards towards Elvis all day long. And Elvis runs around the house panting. I mean to the point you think he might hyperventilate. He chases Kiki around the house, the yard, wherever she is, he is there panting.

Now, Olivia is too young for me to explain more than the fact that last week Kiki was in a diaper because she was in heat. I have not been asked what that means or why she bleeds so there is no need yet to breech the subject. I figure when they are old enough to ask, they are old enough to know. Thank GOD she has not asked.

This morning Olivia came in my room as I was getting ready and very excitedly tells me that Elvis is funny. So I asked her why (I should not have asked!!!!). Her response, "He keeps chasing Kiki and riding her. Elvis just keeps riding Kiki." Without laughing as hard as I could have, I said wow and fussed at Elvis and said yep he is silly. Don't tell anyone about this! Please don't tell anyone at church.

So there ya go, totally inappropriate, but completely true and innocent and hilarious-- at least to Ernie and me. So, Dear God, please do not let her announce that at church.

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  1. lol i like it. it wouldn't bother me to have my kid talking about that at church. God made dogs the way they are and kids the way THEY are.


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