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Friday, November 5, 2010

Hold my tears in the palm of Your hand

This is not part 2 of yesterdays post, that posts tonight at 6pm.

Just a heart felt prayer to God inspired by Psalm 56.

Oh LORD my God, I have made my promise to you. I have allowed you to fan your flame and ignite a fire. I praise You and lay my offering at Your feet. You have loved me so much, answered my prayers and kept me from falling all over again. LORD, You sustain me and keep me burning. LORD, Satan, my enemy will try to extinguish your flame, but I know you will not allow him to fully quench the fire. LORD, as You fan this flame and work against the rain, and hold my tears in the palm of Your hand, I will trust that You are in control and not me. I will remember Your provision, mercy and all you have done for me. I will remember. LORD, rekindle the fire that once blazed. I have allowed it to be diminished. My own weakness has allowed Your fire to be controlled. LORD I want my heart to be an uncontrollable fire. I want to be on fire for You. I want Your fire in me to be all consuming. I want Satan to fear this fire and to tremble so that his rain would evaporate before it ever got near the flame. Use me LORD and equip me through Your great power. Remind me of who You are every day. Help me remember all You have done. LORD, You are all I need. Remind me that I will never do anything good without You. I am a fraud. Jesus in me is who will change the nations. LORD my commitment to You stands firm even though my heart is distressed. LORD, You are my healer and my encourager. God bless me in my weakness and show Your power to me as my eyes are clear to see it. Through my weakness, Your power is made perfect.

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