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Monday, December 20, 2010

Don't wait for the opportune moment, create the opportune moment.

I have another post to share about the girls and service work. Last week a very special and kind couple funded a Christmas shopping trip to buy for about 20 kids from a school in our community. There was a rough budget of $200 per kids. On Friday, the girls and I got to join in on the fun shopping. We were given 4 kids (3 girls and 1 boy). We started at about 10:30 at Toys-R-Us and at 12:30 we finally checked out and headed to Wal-Mart to buy the clothing items.

I want to brag on my girls. I explained to them what we were going to be doing that day and who we were buying for. I must say I was concerned about them whining because we were not buying for them or begging for toys too. This never happened. They had so much fun and spent almost a full $400 on the 4 kids. They had our cart to where it was overfull and we had to carry some of the toys.

When we got to Wal-Mart we started with the boy. We picked out items to clothe each from head to toe. When we finally finished our kids list and spent the limit, we headed to find the rest of our group. At this point my feet were killing me (for I was in high heeled shoes), but I hadn't said as much. I knew the girls were tired, but they never once complained. As we headed to the front, Olivia said and I'll quote her, "Mommy, we have been shopping for a really long time and my feet hurt."

When we found a few others from our group, I found out that it was after 2:30. The girls had not eaten and had not once complained that they were hungry. I felt awful for not realizing and feeding them. I bought them some chips, peanuts and M&M's and they sat down with a whole line of our groups carts in a closed aisle and ate their picnic (or junknic) lunch. We were there for another hour before we finally finished up the trip. All together we had 14 full carts of clothes, shoes, socks... for 20 kids.

Today, the girls got to experience something that  many people who do this kind of thing do not get to experience. Today,they got to watch as all of these kids got to open some of the presents and receive a huge garbage bag full of wrapped presents to take home for Christmas. They got to actually witness the smiles and excitement of these boys and girls receiving their gifts.

We met the 4 kids we shopped for and the girls were so sweet. I have to share this with you. Olivia went up to one of the girls and asked her about her baby doll. Then she said (again I'll quote her),  "You know, Jesus loves you." It was classic Olivia. Jump right to the chase-- don't wait for the opportune moment, create the opportune moment.

I am so pleased with my girls and how they love to give. I really think this is one of the most important things for me to teach the girls. I want them to learn to share with others. Most importantly share the love of Jesus with others. Today, I got to watch my two very young girls witness 20 other children in heaps of presents and not once did they ask for a present or think they should get one too. They never once had any hint of jealousy or greed. They were so excited for the other kids there was not room for them to even think about themselves. I'm telling you what, I am a proud mommy!

I hope you will enjoy the pictures I took.

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  1. How wonderful for the girls...and the other children!!! Linda


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