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Friday, January 7, 2011

Haiti bound

Praise God for us! Our prayers have been answered and Ernie will be heading out for Haiti on Feb. 5th. The trip was first postponed due to the violence there and the danger involved with traveling directly through it. It was then on hold until this was no longer an issue. Next the trip was tentatively scheduled for THE only week Ernie would not be able to go. Imagine his disappointment and then multiply it by about 1000. When it was pretty definite that this was the time the group was going I began really lifting the whole trip and group and Ernie up to God. You know, before it was just a generic prayer (which can never be good) for their safety and efficiency and productivity... I started really telling God how (He already knew) this trip would be life changing for everyone involved and I really did not want Ernie to miss out on this. I prayed sincerely for God to work all things out for the good of His kingdom. The next night, the trip was set in stone for a different week. Now Ernie is going to Haiti.

Now, if only he could squeeze a few little girls from the orphanage into his jacket to bring home... :)

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