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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A secret between you and me.

I remember back to the original days of my blog when, in all my naivete, I thought the internet was anonymous. What? You mean I could write on this page, and not attach a full name or profile (which I hadn't then) and amongst the millions of other bloggers out there, people could actually figure out who I was and then computer stalk me? What? No way! Well, much to my chagrin, they did. And sadly enough some weren't nice. Surprisingly, which is even altogether the more impressive thing though, is that I know enough about computers to know that I could install tracking software on the blog page to track the people (through cookies) who would enter my page and go straight back though their i.p. address to those who were being so mean to me. So, I know personally the ones who called me the ugly names and said all the unkind things to me. I have been incredibly hesitant to write ever since then.

But now I am back. I will be writing on here more often and logging my thoughts, as random as they may be on life and on my experiences specifically in my personal Bible studies.

For now I think I will let you in on a secret:

There is no such thing as anonymous on the internet!
Shhhh! It's our secret.

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