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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Potty training moments.

When Ollie was 2 1/2 she decided to start using the toilet. There was literally no training involved. She knew when she had to go and would run in and do everything on her own. Now The Turkey at nearly 2 1/2 wants to too. Today was day one in panties... NO ACCIDENTS! The only thing is that I have to remind her to go and help her get undressed. It is an actual teaching experience. The Turkey and I had some very special moments today just spending time with her while she had GLUED herself to the pot waiting expectantly to do something. Tonight we sat for 30 minutes because she wanted to "tinkle" and "poop". We read The Toddler's Potty Book at least 10 times in English and several times in Spanish. We had some laughs in those 30 minutes. After all that, she was successful! After that and brushing her teeth, she went to choose the book she wanted for bed and guess what she chose... The Toddler's Potty Book. UGH! Anyhow, this was very special for the 2 of us. Being the second child sometimes she doesn't get a lot of one-on-one time. I am very proud of her and thankful to God for this loosening in a tight budget. Diapers are so expensive!

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