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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stressed out 2 year old?

Potty training is going pretty good, but I think it is stressing The Turkey out. Today is day 6 in panties, but, starting 3 nights ago, she started waking up every hour or so to go potty, or at least try. Hubby and I got no sleep for 2 nights. Last night she couldn't even go to sleep. When I got home at 9pm she was sitting on the toilet for the second time since 8pm her bed time. When I picked her up she went hysterical... kicking and screaming. I had to force the diaper on her and I spanked her leg. She kept frantically screaming she had to go potty. I just held her tight for about 30 minutes fighting her the whole time. I was very calm and started singing to her. This eased her tantrum (or whatever this was) a bit. Finally I started praying... Dear Jesus... no sooner did the words come out of my mouth than she stopped. I proceeded to pray for her and quote scripture over her. She was clinging to me as I cradled her as her whole body was shaking with the sobs. I just held her for a while longer and then laid down beside her and told her that it was OK to use her diaper at night while she was sleeping. With these words her heart rate sped up as did her breathing. The thought of using the diaper really bothered her. I just started singing to her again and let her hold my arm till she went to sleep. She slept through the night. I hope this was the end of it.

I guess that maybe I started her just a bit too soon. She has done really good with minimal accidents, but I hate that it has caused her so much stress. Lord give her a sense of her own success, take away the stress that she is feeling and give her the peace of mind that can only come from You!

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  1. Yikes. I guess she needs more time huh? I hope tomorrow goes better for you both


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