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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


As You know, I am in the process of reading the Bible through in 90 days, and am nearly through with Exodus. This book always astounds me -- the audacity of the Israelites. It makes me think about how many times God has answered my prayers, shown me kindness when I don't deserve it, given me blessings and talents that I've squandered... I am no different. I would like to think that my experiences are not as profound as theirs were, but this is really untrue. God talks to me, gives me miracles, and wonders. He has opened my eyes to the Truth, but I still find myself falling into the trap of forgetfulness. Life gets in the way of remembering sometimes. For instance, God will do a miraculous thing for me like sending me money in the mail when we are desperate for it; the next time I get into the same financial struggle, I forget what He has done for me, and I get discouraged and start complaining. How is this any different from the Israelites walking in the desert? I see why God installed the festivals of remembrance. Maybe we need to install our own festivals of remembrance... hmmm. I think that giving God the credit and acknowledging Him is a good way to set bookmarks in our minds at these times in our lives. If we give Him credit for answered prayers instead of just going on with life without proper acknowledgement, maybe we will recall these times easier the next time a similar experience comes up. I can learn a lot from the story of the Israelites-- I am sure this is why You put them into Your story! So next time I am tempted to laugh or scold them as I read, I can just turn the finger around on myself! "How many times have I done that exact same thing?" I may never have made a cow to bow down to, but I have idolized things, stuff, people... and maybe I have never bowed my knee to them, but I've bowed my heart to them. God forgive me and have patience with me. I know You have the desire to do these things because of the illustration of the Israelites. Thank You for being so loving! Thank You for hearing me and speaking to me. Thank You for opening my eyes to see You and my ears to hear You. Thank You for filling me with Your Spirit so that I may point others to Your Glory.

Oh yeah, Thanks for solving The Turkey's sleeping issues. Since our little incident the other night, she has slept fine. I guess I should have come to You the first night and not after the third. Thanks for healing Ollie so quickly from her stomach bug. Thanks for our upcoming vacations, my jobs and cakes I'll be doing and for the prospect of a second job for Hubby and our awesome neighbors who keep giving Hu bby little jobs to do around their house. You provide for us everyday and I don't stop to give You proper thanks. You know that we have 3 vacations planned in a matter of 2 months and we will need extra money. You know and I trust You. I can't wait to see and tell how You do provide. I can already see a glimpse (the 2 wedding cakes, random jobs, timing of the closing on our refinancing, timing of Sarah's potty training-- save on diapers-- the housekeeping need where Hubby works... It is all Your providence!)

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