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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Asking for another one...

Last fall, I took our van to have the tires aligned. After sitting in the waiting area for quite some time, the manager came out and told me he had bad news. He then told me the $40 estimate was going to be about $1200. Something (it escapes me now-the diagnosis) was leaking steering fluid. I called Hubby and of course he agreed that it would have to wait. We did NOT come close to having that money. Before I left I sat there and just cried. Then I paid the diagnosis fee and left. I immediately started praying for the money to fix the van. Before I could get the full prayer out, the Holy Spirit told me to pray for healing, not the money to fix it. He said that the same God who could get me the money could fix the van too. So, I laid hands on my steering wheel and prayed for God to heal my car. I went to Wal-Mart to have the tires rotated on recommendation of the tire place... and I asked them about the leak. They could not find a leak anywhere. For another opinion and an alignment (which the first place said they wouldn't do because it was a waste of time with the other problem) I went to another tire place. They also checked for a leak and did not find one. God healed my van, JUST LIKE HE SAID HE WOULD! Many people I told were skeptical of the first diagnosis, so I called that place. They promised me there was a leak... a very obvious one too. So I told them what happened. God healed our van! Of course they thought I was a nut, but I didn't care. God Rules!

Now I am praying for another miracle from my God. We need our lemon of a lawnmower fixed. It is 4 years old and we have had several problems with it. Right now it has a broken wheel (which Hubby welded) and a burnt up starter. With a lawn the size of and as steep as ours, and as busy as Hubby is just trying to keep up with the bills-- we really need our riding mower. Lord, You know. I am publicly asking for a miracle! Thank You for hearing and listening to me and caring enough to answer such small (in comparison to You) requests.

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