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Sunday, May 3, 2009

How sweet the blood tastes!

This morning, The girls and I (Hubby was working) went to the early service at church. Because of the lack of kids programs during this hour, Ollie stays with me in the service and goes to class during Sunday school hour. This morning was no different than most... she pulls her little backpack on wheels into the sanctuary filled with markers and paper and stickers and a snack. This morning, during communion time she pulled out her gummy fruit snack and laid it on her lap. She looked over to me and in the loudest "whispery voice" known to man said "this is my communion". She listened to the devotion and took her communion. Then after we drank the juice when the leader said "this is the blood...", Ollie looked at me and said, "did the blood taste good?"

If there is anything I want to accomplish in my life, anything at all, it is to show her just how good the blood tastes. How sweet it is. The taste of the sweet grape juice as a metaphor for the blood of my Savior... How sweet it is!

Lord, my biggest fear is that my children will grow up to not know You and share the intimacy of the kind of relationship You desire with them. Lord, my prayer is that You will hold them in Your hands and protect their hearts as I, in my clumsy way, try to demonstrate and teach them Your Way. I can't do this alone... Lord, I know it is Your will for them to come to know You, and You have purposefully placed me as their mother, help me to be the kind of mother You have desired of me. Help me make the correct decisions and priorities, and give me a pure heart with Your motives not my own.

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