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Monday, May 18, 2009


I was just introduced to letterboxing. http://www.atlasquest.com We just registered and are going to start doing this as a family. I can't wait. This seems like such a fun thing...educational too. We have already planned our signature stamp and our first letterbox. We will place it on International Plant-a-Letterbox Day -- May 24. We are pretty sure we know where to plant it and we are going to use it to share the Good News with all the hunters. I really am excited. Tomorrow the girls and I are going to Walmart to buy our supplies. Not much is needed, just a container, something to carve a stamp from (or a rubber stamp) and a journal and some sort of small log book for the box. I hope that the girls will get as excited about this as I am. We can find boxes all over the country and even the world. Thanks to Terry for telling me about this!

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