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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well an answer to prayer, my public prayer for our lawn mower (not the man...my husband... who mows, but the actual mower). It lives! The solution- a new staring mechanism. The cost--$9.99. As "The Turkey" and I exclaimed when during bedtime prayers we heard the mower start up, PRAISE YOU JESUS! My man and my God sure made a good small engine repair team!

This weekend is practically here. In store for me is a wedding cake, tying 400 napkins in some romantic fashion for a different wedding, catering another wedding after setting up the cake for the first wedding... whoa... and I've got it easy. Hubby is off Fri-Mon officially, but he is working through the nights Fri., Sat. and Sun. to do some contract work for the mall. I will leave for work Sat. when Hubby gets home and he will leave for work after midnight Sat. when I get home. He gets the raw end of the deal... at least I get the girls during the night...sleeping hours. My prayer for this... after thanking You Lord for the work... is that Hubby find the girls ultra cooperative so he can sleep some Sat. Give him strength, stamina and keep him safe on that lift with no sleep!

Ollie is learning the books of the Bible and has learned, as she said tonight, "through 2nd cuticles". I asked her if she meant Chronicles and she said "yeah". She really knows through Esther and is impressed with herself for having a movie about Esther (even if it is not real because Esther is an onion in her movie--she says).

Now, I am hoping that Kris and Danny will be the finalists on American Idol. I just hope that when they make their albums they will go Christian so I'll hear them on my radio station!

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