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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Act like ladies.

Last night, at a wedding I catered, the women (mostly youngish) were drinking heavily alongside the men. The DJ played the same old music he always plays at all the weddings, and the drunk people danced...well if you can call what they were doing dancing. As the women got drunker, that got... well lets just say the guys were getting a nice little show. I don't understand why women in short dresses think it is necessary to pull their dresses up higher as they dance. I mean, come on, what are they thinking? From a sober standpoint, it was to the point of being ridiculous. At one point a young woman (22) came up to me wanting a stout drink because she had just gotten asked out by an "old" man (he had a 7 year old daughter). (Funny that this is old!) Well, what message was she sending to him?

I just hope I can teach my girls to act like ladies, to have self respect, to think about the message they are sending to young men. I really feel bad for the young men of our culture. God has hard wired them to be visual beings. When young women flaunt themselves in front of them it has got to be a hard temptation to overcome (especially under the influence.)

I think we start teaching them to crave others attention at an early age. When I send my girls to let their daddy to show him how pretty they look in their church dress... what am I teaching them. I don't let them watch t.v. to avoid exposing them to the over sexualized everything! But, in my own little (innocent enough) ways, I am teaching them that their beauty is worth noticing. Lord, give me wisdom in raising my girls to become ladies after your heart.


  1. I think about this same thing too, all the time. I want to teach my son to respect women and to chose the woman that God has for him. I pray that I (with God) can raise him to be a good christan man that will see God's blessings and make the right choice when it comes to picking his wife. Funny that we think about this now when they are so young but now is the time to think about it to make sure we can do all that we can as moms before it is too late. AND now I have to start thinking about raising a lady myself. A whole new ballgame. BUT God is good...all the time.

  2. I agree, and yet...I think in things like sending daughters to daddy for compliments, we are reflecting a bit of God's love for us. Because He DOES think our beauty is worth noticing. That doesn't mean we're to flaunt it to the rest of the world and beg for compliments from everyone, but I think it's perfectly healthy and sweet to go to our Daddy and spin around and expect a compliment.

  3. Where were you serving drinks????

  4. If you want to set a good example for your daughters, why are you working in this type of environment?

  5. If you are going to serve drinks, why not work in a bar or a restaurant where you could get tips. You could make a lot more money and work at night while your husband is home with the kids.


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