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Monday, June 15, 2009

Something to blog about!

OK, so this is number 2 blog for today (my house is clean, supper's on the stove cooking, the girls are napping and I had time to read part of the magazine I got in the mail-Parents. It has come to the point that this magazine offends me more and more so I usually don't read it other than just skimming. Today, on the cover was a headline I thought I'd give a try. It reads, "Bring Out The Best In Your Child >How Teachers Get Kids To Share, Be Patient And More." OK I was drawn into the magazine.

I flipped to the page of the article only to be slapped in the face as a parent. I can't believe other parents buy this bologna that this article promotes. It starts off talking about how well the teacher says the child does in school, but something flips a switch when the child gets home and the child turns into a monster (devil as the magazine says).

Their short answer to the problem is that kids are encourage by the group dynamics to fall in line with their peers (another blog topic in itself!) and try to please the teachers. "They can only maintain this model behavior for a few hours, though." When they get home they let loose in order to unwind from the day and the article says "it's natural for them to push the boundaries with Mommy." The whole tone of this paragraph is condescending towards moms. It then goes on to say that it is unrealistic to expect the child to pay attention to Mommy the same way she pays attention to her teacher or play with her siblings the same way she plays with her friends. So the article then consults a teacher for advice.

The first tip is for teaching your child to share his toys with his sibling. It first suggests a sort of bargaining approach offering the child to decide whether or not the sibling can play after he is done, then if he says "no" give him a time limit on how long he can play before he hands over the toy. It also suggest that maybe that particular toy could be one of a group of toys that are his only that he doesn't have to share. WHAT?!?!?!

The next tip is for teaching independence. It says, and I'll quote, "She learned to go to the bathroom and wash her hands by herself at school, but she always seems to ask for help when you're around." Well I'm glad I'm the one teaching my children to use the bathroom and not leaving this up to a teacher, but it blows my mind that helping your child would be a problem. You've apparently forgotten what a mom's job is. The suggestions are quite funny. Put a stool at the sink (OK, how many homes with toddlers or small children do not have these...are we brainless teachers?), keep water filled sippy cups on a low shelf so the child can get themselves a drink (are you so above getting your child a drink of fresh water?), and (here's the kicker-I'll quote)"Say,"You teacher told me you use the bathroom all by yourself at school. Can you show me?"" So because the teacher says it I am deferring my responsibility to her. You do things for her at school and can come home and be my little performing monkey! Don't have respect for me because I am your mother, do it because your teacher says so.

The list goes on, and since I am livid with this idiocy I will end this now.

(A solicitor selling books just came to my door. She somehow "understood that I am homeschooling" and thought I may want to buy from her company. How does someone know this in order to come selling at my door. My girls are not even school age yet? WHOA.)


  1. How DOES a door-to-door salesperson find that out about you? Disturbing.

    As far as the article goes...wow. With only one child, sharing issues don't crop up as much, but my policy is this: if you don't want to share it, don't take it with you to someone else's house. If they're at our house and you don't want to share it, give it to me before they arrive and we'll put it away until later. If Sean takes it with him or has it out to play with, it's fair game and he knows it. A good friend of mine has two little girls. If one wants to play with something that belongs to the other (a birthday present or special gift of some sort), she must ask her sister. If the answer is no, she must leave it alone. It's good to share, and it's also good to learn respect for others' possessions.

  2. A door-to-door salesman could find you from all the personal information you publish on your blog.

  3. My address, home town, last name... none of this is posted.

  4. If one looks at your complete profile, your last name is given. Have you ever heard of google? Anyone can eaisily find you or anyone else they want to find.

  5. I don't see my last name on there, maybe I am looking in the wrong place.


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