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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Elvis, not a king, but a drama queen

This morning we took Elvis, our 6 pound, long haired chihuahua, to the rabies clinic in town. There were many, many other dogs and cats there, as you would expect. Elvis was terrified; I had to hold him. The other dogs and cats in front of us were very well behaved. As they got their shots they didn't even flinch, and their tails never stopped wagging. The cats never once acted scared. (Growing up with cats and taking them to the vet was like a fight with a wild cougar or something, so I was quite impressed.) Obviously, it didn't really hurt them too bad to get the shot. When it came time for Elvis to get his shot, he started yelping (it sounded like he was hollering "mama, mama, mama") so loud and squirming all around. We could hardly get him still enough for the vet to give him the shot. You would have thought there was an amputation in progress, and the needle was still 6 inches away from him. Everyone was staring and laughing. I was embarrassed. Now, it is funny looking back, but at the time, I thought, all these other dogs were so good, and I can't even contain this 6 pound squirt of a dog enough for the vet to give it a shot. Finally, I held him very tight and she was able to give him the shots. I don't think he even felt the stick. I bet they could hear him a mile away.

Well, he sure fits into to this family perfectly.


  1. Elvis doesn't need prayer... just puppy love. I do thank God for him though. He's a great little addition to our family. Lonely though after the loss of our Peanut his buddy of 6 years.


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