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Friday, July 10, 2009

Ollie's prayer this evening... too cute.

Background info:

This evening the girls and I were outside. Ollie was playing with Turkey's hula hoop and Turkey went and got Ollie's to play with. When Ollie noticed, she went mad. She tried to yank it out of her sisters hand, so I jumped in. I sent her into the house to think about what she had done. Later, I sent Turkey in to tell her she could come out. Turkey went in playing with a scarf. Ollie saw it when Turkey went to her room to tell her the news, and once again Ollie went mad. She picked a fight over the scarf. I told her to stay in her room until Turkey got out of the tub and then it was in and out to bed for her with no play time in the tub. Here's where the prayer comes.

I had Turkey in the tub, and I stepped out to hear what Ollie was saying in her room. I stood outside the door and heard this ending to the prayer. "... Jesus, I'm sorry. Please help me to be better tomorrow. I'm sorry I fought with my sister. Please help me be better tomorrow." I was floored. She really was thinking about what she had done and to beat it all was praying about it. I walked into her room and told her that she could go get in the tub with the Turkey. I followed slightly behind her. When she got to the tub. She stood there (I was at the door) and said, "[Turkey] I'm sorry I got mad at you about the hula hoop and the scarf, will you forgive me?" All of this unprompted.

They bathed together from this point on with no arguing. This is a big deal. They argue a lot being so close in age. Today they did a lot of squashing Satan like a bug when they were tempted to fight. It just all went to pot this evening outside. Then went uphill fast after her little prayer! I'll be interested to see how she does tomorrow after her request.

Lord, her request I know was sincere. I can't wait to see how You answer her.

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  1. That is awesome! Those are the moments you treasure forever.


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