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Friday, July 3, 2009

Flying is THE way to Travel.

OK, so what about that for answer to prayer! I had a GrrrREAT (like Tony the Tiger) flight. It was a blast on take off. Even at times when it felt like God had us attached to a string and was bopping us along, I wasn't concerned. It was amusing instead. I kept picturing Him with this little plastic airplane tied to a string swinging us around and bopping us along. I loved the view! I kept thinking about how God must look down on us and enjoy watching us. I could see the cars (they looked like little no-seeums) and the houses and was wonder what each person might be doing or where they might be going... I kept thinking to myself that down here on the ground my life revolves around me mostly. Up there it was as though all those people were in one big picture (not just me!) I couldn't help but think about God's view and what He sees. He doesn't just look down with wonder at the cars and houses; no He knows what is in every, single one of those people's minds and hearts. He knows all fears, concerns, elations, secrets... everything. He sees the big picture; NO He painted the big picture! I felt closer to Him up there even if it was only 15,000 or so feet closer.

My flight wasn't the only good part about my trip. It was the tiniest part! I got to spend some time with my "Kitten" (new niece) and my "Little Man" (my 2 1/2 yr old nephew.) I loved every second and hated to leave. I also got to spend some time getting reacquainted with my sister. I say this because we have been so far away it seems like... well it just was good to spend time with her. We are close in age, but have until a month ago, been in different places in life. Now we both have two children and are in the "same boat" so to speak. I mean we have much more than genes in common now. Don't get me wrong, we had stuff in common, but I think we have never been this much alike before. It was so awesome having a sister to share with and be "girls" together this week. I can't wait till our beach trip in a month! It is just ssooooo great to have a sister. Thank You Lord for that blessing what 28 years ago?

Well, I am jet lagged...joking no big time difference, but I am ready to go finish book number 4 for this week. I read 3 1/2 books this week. I read a book based on the book of Hosea in the Bible called Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers (spectacular book recommended by my dear friend Kristen), Robin McGraw's autobiography (good book about making life choices and not accepting what you fall in to- I just wish she had focused more on following the plan God has for you and not just about making your own plan), and Being There (recommended by my Brother -my sisters husband- I hate the whole in-law word-- I rather would think of him as my brother, not just someone the law says is my brother now! It was a parody, highly comical about a completely unsocialized man, who in a matter of 4 days... well just read it. I can't remember the author at the moment but ask me in a comment if you are interested and I'll find out.)

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