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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Eating wake

So we had such a great 4th! We spent the whole afternoon on my brothers boat. Good music and fun times. I even road (yes the black kind with stripes down the middle) the big "tube" (not tube shaped at all) as my brother pulled me down the river. First Ollie road with me then The Turkey. Ollie wasn't impressed; however, The Turkey's first words as we started were "go faster". I could hardly keep my arm on her. She ended up riding beside me holding on by herself. Then I made the mistake to ride with my sister (Bro's wife). I knew he would try to sling us off. I just wasn't expecting to wake up in so much pain this morning. We hung on as long as we could doing donuts, and whips all around the lake. I'm sure we sounded and looked... well, I would have loved to be a fly in that lake! Until the point where he finally flipped us off. That fly would have gotten a show! He flung my out of my swimsuit bottoms. I'm glad I was out in the middle of a murky lake with no one around!!!!!!! Thank you Lord for a great day. Thank you for the freedom we have to enjoy ourselves and publicly worship you at the top of our lungs out on the lake!

I don't feel young today, but I did while I was eating wake!

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  1. It sounds like more than your lungs were exposed. What a sight!


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