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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Newest information on Ollies tummy

We went for a follow up appointment with the GI Dr. to get the official results of the scopes, ultrasound and biopsies. Everything was normal as we expected, but for the biopsy. The RAS level, or something like that, came back high. This means she has indicators of food allergies. The initial blood allergy test had come back normal, but they say now these are only preliminary type tests. The blood work that is. The skin tests need to be done to get more accurate information. They also told us that we need her to see an immunologist to check out why her nutrifil level is repeatedly high. This means she is fighting a virus and usually is not alarming (still not to be alarmed they say) but it has come back high several times spanning a year or so. We go see the specialist in both areas on the 22nd. Lord my prayer is that we get some answers. We have been dealing with this since she was a baby. IT started out that the Dr.s just promised us all the fussing and spit up was normal -- colic is what they called it. It never got better. She doesn't spit up any more seeing as she is nearly 5 years old. I can't believe it has been nearly 5 years and there are still no answers. Lord you have ALL the answers just pass this one on to us or the Allergist/Immunologist.

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