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Monday, July 6, 2009

Not a good day.

Lord, You saw what our day was like. The girls fought over everything today. "She's making faces at me," and "I want what she has," and "I want to read that book"... I had a doozy of a head ache before lunch time came. To beat it all black and blue, this happened all while I was trying to grocery shop and restock our bare pantry and fridge. We did have a nice lunch with Hubby and then returned to the house to unload. The girls did get into helping me carry in the groceries (as they fought over which bags they were going to carry); it was nice to have a little help. I fed the girls early and Hubby put them to bed early so I could fix our supper. The Turkey was well past hysterics from mere exhaustion (she did not sleep at nap time). If the neighbors were out they would have thought she had had a limb cut off or something as serious. As I cooked supper, I found myself singing (in my head) the On a Day Like This song. I'm sure I've blogged the usefulness of this song before! It really helps.

Watch over my little tykes tonight and wake them on the right side of the bed tomorrow, PLEASE! Teach me how to deal with days like this without going MAD or getting MAD or getting MAD as I'm going MAD. I am asking for a quick lesson, not one of those long learned lessons. I'm being very specific. I want to wake up KNOWING!

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