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Monday, August 10, 2009

Death comes to us all...

There are some questions that David posed us in his sermon on Sunday. I've been thinking a lot about them. Lord, You know just what I need to hear and when. I am so amazed at how You work.

1. Do I give credit or do I take credit?
Lord, I want to give You credit for all You have done for me. All the times You have bailed me/us out. All the times You have miraculously answered my prayers. I give all credit to You for any talent I may possess, without You I am nothing! Lord help me to see You in everything not just in the Big things or obvious displays in my life. Thank You for giving me peace in all circumstances. I am sure of times when I have taken credit for something creative I have done (really not me at all, but You) or even as small as taking credit for my cooking skills or what ever talents I have... I have no right to claim any of these as mine, but Yours and I pray You will lead me to opportunities to use them to glorify You.

2. How important is it that other people like me?
I really needed this question. This is a problem I have struggled with so often. I used to really do everything I could to make everyone like me. In my youngest of years I transformed myself into what others wanted me to be. Now, I have come to see that You are the ONLY One who matters. What You think of me is what is going to be my only focus. I knew this was true, but I needed a reminder. It doesn't matter what others think of me as long as I am following You and putting You in front of me, my family and everything.

3. Has my faith allowed me to speak hope to others?
Oh, Lord I hope so. I can't imagine a better story of faith and hope than the one You gave to me. I have shared my story of faith with as many people as will listen... of how You changed my life and have cast all my sins into the sea... of how You will not remember them... of how You died for my sins-- even mine! If You can do this and have done this for me then there is hope for all sinners. I love to tell the story of how You brought me out of the pit and into Your loving arms.

4. Is there something You have sent me here to do?
I know there is. I am just waiting to be told, other than what I already know (raising my family to know You and have a relationship with the God of the Universe-- to teach them that by having this relationship You will put the awesome power of the Holy Spirit straight from You inside them)., and to show others how You love them even as they are in the pit of their lives-- just like You did me.

5. After Jesus died the soldiers said this had to be the son of God. When I die what will others say of me? Well, I want to live my life so that others will mourn my death, but rejoice because they know I am face to face with God. I need You Jesus to work in my life so that others will be able to do this when I die... that they will say that I lived my life in anticipation of Heaven, not with it wrapped around what is of earth.

Thanks Lord for speaking to me through David.

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