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Monday, August 10, 2009

Prayers for Mamaw

Today I talked to Mamaw. Lord You know what happened. She fell and broke her foot and sprained her ankle last night. Now at 80 years old, she is alone in the middle of Engelhard with no family near, hopping on one foot with a walker for the next 3 weeks. Then the Dr. will be able to put a cast on it. Lord send her the help she needs and the healing of a miracle. She is in a great deal of pain not only from the injury to her foot and ankle, but to her whole body from the fall. Take her pain away.


  1. That's so hard! Praying for your mamaw to have comfort and help (physical and otherwise).

  2. Can you place your hands on her and heal her like you did with the car and the lawn mower?

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  4. I am 800 miles away from her, but long distance prayers are no less effective.


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