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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lord keep us safe.

We are leaving at 5 am for the Outer Banks of NC. Lord keep us safe on our long, long drive. Keep the girls happy, healthy-- no motion sickness or whatever else could come up... Keep me sane as I manage them while Hubby drives and give me navigational skills to co-pilot the drive. I certainly need You on this one... I get lost everywhere I go. I should know this drive like the back of my hand, but I do not. It seems the roads change every year. I think that 264 or 64 which ever it is is finally finished, yeah! Praise you for no or fewer back roads. Please help me in making Mamaw's 80th birthday cake extra special. I have big plans for it, and I need Your help. Keep us safe all week and bring us back home next week closer to each other and You.

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  1. that's a beautiful prayer. (i love our gps b/c i get lost everywhere, too)


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