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Sunday, August 2, 2009

The trade in...

We made it safely to the beach. Thank You Lord. We took a new route-- one that Map Quest seemed to really want us to take. We drove many back roads at 45 MPH. It was a beautiful drive. I, as usual, was the one holding and giving directions. I missed a few lines and a couple of times and we had to make several U-turns, and at one point we turned around two times and made a 30-45 minute "detour" in getting back on track. At this point Hubby could have been angry and many husbands would have gotten furious-- I know some who would have been enraged at their co-pilot. In our situation we laughed. I apologized for being such a lousy navigator and Hubby just smiled and said he would trade me in for a Garmen (however you spell it?). We had a good laugh at our plight. When we finally got back on track, we passed a rather serious accident that we either would have been a part of, stuck in traffic because of or at least witnessed. Hubby looked at me when we passed it and said he thought that maybe God had not answered my prayer about my navigating skills to spare us that accident. What a great God I have and man I have.

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