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Friday, August 28, 2009

Nearly 9 years, 5 years, 3 years, Fall, and over-flowing cups

Hubby and I are nearing our 9 year anniversary. I can't believe it has already been that long. I guess the whole saying, "time flies when you're having fun" is true. I still feel like a newly wed. I find myself looking at Hubby thinking to myself, I can't believe he married me, he is mine, and I am so thankful he is. I love to share with people about how I tried to win his heart through his stomach when I was just a girl. I actually learned to bake in order to gain his attention. Now that I know him as well as I do, I would have had better success if I had brought him meat and potatoes every night to work besides being at a legal age for him to consider. I found a birthday card, (and I wish so much now that I had kept it) after we were married and I was moving in, that we (all of his co-workers) gave him when he turned 30. I was 17 and I proposed to him, again. This card would be priceless to me now. At the time I showed it to him and thought it was cute, but it went into the garbage with a lot of other stuff. Anyway, I look forward to our life together as if it has just begun.

My "baby girl" Ollie, is about to turn 5. We are planning her party for Halloween day. She is going to have a costume party. I have started thinking a lot about the cake (of course) and the rest of the event. To me a party is an event, a work of art. This is only because I love to host a party. I love to be in the service/hostess position. I think this is why I love my ever so part time job so much. I work for a caterer and we put on parties all the time. I learn from the best and every job I learn something new. My boss, Beverly is, I dare to say, better than Martha or Paula... She is an artist. She has been in Southern Living magazine multiple times and many others. I absolutely love working with her. I hope that I can use what I learn to give my babies parties to remember.

My Turkey is about to turn 3. She will get 2 parties this year. We are having a family party at my parents house, two of my sisters and two brothers will be in from way out of town at this time and one is staying with mama and the other will be only 2 hours away, so it seemed smarter to have it there so all of our family members will be closer and traveling to the party will not be difficult. We have done this in the past and it is so great! I am not sure what theme the Turkey wants for her party. Right now she is fascinated with dinosaurs (namely Barney) and flying. (Ooh, maybe a hot air balloon theme???) I can't wait. I think I get more excited about their birthdays than they do, I guess this is normal. (Why else would we as moms go to so much trouble to plan birthday parties for our infants and toddlers?) Birthdays rank right up there with Christmas for me. (I do decorate at Halloween for Christmas-- Hubby thinks I'm nuts. Anon, you are not alone.)

I love the Fall season for so many celebrations happen. September is about here and Fall is on its way. I think Fall has always been my favorite season. I remember thinking there was nothing better than the crisp air to go crunch in the leaves on a hike, or sit and watch a football game... Now I think about hosting parties... My Tupperware party last night only made me more excited about Fall. (Not to mention the Tupperware lady has got to be the nicest lady on the face of the earth.)

Right now my cup runeth over. Thank You Lord for giving me things to look forward to and for giving me life so abundantly.

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  1. Hubby probably can't believe it either.


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