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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday school

Of course today most children would be or are out of school, for it is Saturday. However, Ollie loves school so much she does it every day. She is self-motivated in such a way we should all take lessons. She is a few pages shy of finishing her first reader already 2 weeks into school. We have nearly finished the Felicity series in the American Girls collection and will be moving on to James Town stories. Her violin teacher says she has already in less than 4 months, started to advance beyond some students who have been learning for a year or longer. She is determined to learn her new songs. She has memorized half of her addition facts (flash cards-- for I want her to not only be able to figure out the addition facts, which she does, but to have them committed to memory.) This morning when she was reading out loud, Hubby joked with her that only kids who were in trouble had to do school on Saturday. I am grateful for her willingness to learn. It may not always be this way. I am so glad we have decided to home school. At the rate she is going... well lets just say, I think she would be bored to tears in public school.

I ran into a former colleague today at the cafe, a teacher who taught down the hall from me. She commended me for making the choice to home school. She was also telling me about some of my former students-- they are in high school now, whoa, and 2 are on the football team. I pray that these two boys will use their talents and charisma for leading others into victory and not into trouble as they did in the 4th grade. I remember how hard being a teenager is.

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