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Monday, August 17, 2009

Planning a field trip

We are so excited about our upcoming field trip to James Town settlement and Colonial Williamsburg. Ollie has been learning about colonial life by reading (listening to us read to her) the Felicity books. We will be going to visit these two living history sites soon, after we finish the study. Hubby and I are so excited about this trip. This is the one of the things hubby has looked forward to since our decision to home school. He loves history and is so excited about being able to actually teach the girls by visiting historical places. This will be our first field trip for history this school year. This is one of the benefits of our teaching the girls from home. Their education can be enriched in ways that are virtually impossible in a public school setting. We have so many plans and the school year is starting off so great. Ollie has been doing addition and even figured out little "equations" in her newest math workbook all by herself-- 2+2=__ +4=__. She did it all on her own and got the correct answers. I would think this would be at least questionable to a 4 year old if not down right confusing??? Lord I am so thankful for her desire to learn. Help me to teach her how to learn. This is my goal for both girls-- to teach them how to learn and be life long learners. Bless us in our school year and give Ollie the success she needs to continue to be motivated (me too.) Lord I lift up a special little prayer for motivation for the Turkey. Motivate her as we start letter recognition.

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  1. We went to Williamsburg for our honeymoon & loved it- y'all will have an amazing trip!


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